Yoga Sequences

As a further extension to the poses described, Dr Michael de Manincor suggests combining the poses into a sequence, incorporating the Child’s Pose and mild Back Bend with the Cat and Cow poses.

Video description: This video demonstrates the yoga pose Child’s pose with mild Back bend and Cat and Cow poses.

How often?

Complete five repetitions of the yoga sequence incorporating Child’s Pose and mild Back Bend with the Cat and Cow using the inhale and exhale breaths.

Basic instructions

Starting Position

On exhale breath:

1. Come into the Child’s pose.

1. Start on your knees.
2. Ensure your knees are wide apart
3. Your toes are pointed together.
4. Lean forward.
5. Sit back on your heels.
6. Outstretch your arms

Picture description: Starting position – Child’s pose (exhale breath)

On inhale breath:

2. Come into a backbend.

1. Come up onto your knees.
2. Open your arms at your chest.
3. Mild back bend.

Picture description: Mild back bend (inhale breath)

On exhale breath:

3. Fold forward into the Child’s pose.


Picture description: Child’s pose (exhale breath)

On inhale breath:

4. Come up into Table top.


Picture description: Table top (inhale breath)

On exhale breath:

5. Come into Cow pose

1. Tuck in your chin.
2. Lift your belly in towards the spine.

Picture description: Cow (exhale breath)

On the inhale breathe:

6. Come into the Cat pose

1. Allow your belly to relax down.
2. Gently look forward.

Picture description: Cat (inhale breath)

On the exhale breathe:

7. Come back into the Child’s pose.


Picture description: Child’s pose (exhale breath)