Moving Bridge

Watch the video below and follow the basic steps to guide you through the moving bridge.

Video description: This video demonstrates the yoga pose Moving Bridge.

Basic instructions

Starting Position

1. Start on your back.
2. Place your feet hip distance apart.
3. Ensure your weight is evenly distributed in your feet.
4. Movement is initiated from your legs, pressing your feet down into the floor.


Image description: Staring position – Moving bridge

Check alignment

6. Ensure you have a stable base through your feet, your shoulders and your arms.
7. Move your feet closer to the buttocks for more stability.

On the inhale breath:

8. Push up through your feet and legs.
9. Raise your hips and pelvis.


Image description: Moving bridge – pushing up through hips

On the exhale breath:

10. Lower your buttocks back down towards the ground.


Image description: Moving bridge – body grounded