Video description: This video demonstrates the yoga pose Apanasana.

Basic instructions

Starting Position

1. Lay on your back.


Picture description: Apanasana – starting position

Check alignment

2. Draw your knees up so they are above your hips.
3. Ensure your knees are hip distance apart.
4. The palms of your hands are rested on your tops of the knees.


Picture description: Apanasana – knees drawn up

Remain here and inhale

On the exhale breathe:

5. Draw your knees into your chest.
6. Bend at your elbows.


Picture description: Apanasana – knees to chest

On the inhale breathe:

7. Move your knees away.
8. Straighten out at your elbow.


Picture description: Apanasana – Move knees away