An extension that can be added to the Cat and Cow poses is the Sunbird pose. Only try this if you feel comfortable doing the Cat and Cow poses and you have been doing them for a while.

Watch the video below and follow the basic steps to guide you through the Sunbird pose:

Video description: This video demonstrates the yoga pose Sunbird.

Basic instructions

Starting Position

1. Come to all fours (Table top).

Check alignment

2. Make sure your knees are about hip distance apart.


Image description: Starting position – Table top

On the inhale breath:

3. Extend one leg out behind you.

Check alignment

4. Make sure your hips are not rolling too much.
5. Your hips should remain parallel to the floor.
6. Your weight is evenly distributed in your hands and knee.


Image description: Sunbird – Extend leg

On the exhale breathe:

7. Draw your knee back down to the floor.


Image description: Sunbird – Draw knee back to Table top


Image description: Sunbird – Extend on exhale breath