Child's pose and Back bend

Watch the video below and follow the basic steps to guide you through Child’s pose with a mild Back bend:

Video description: This video demonstrates the yoga pose Child’s Pose and Back Bend.

Basic instructions

Child's Pose

Starting Position

On the exhale breathe:

1. Start on your knees.
2. Ensure your knees are wide apart
3. Your toes are pointed together.
4. Lean forward.
5. Sit back towards your heels.
6. Outstretch your arms.


Image description: Starting position – Child’s pose

Mild back bend

On the inhale breath:

7. Come up onto your knees.
8. Stand on your knees and open your arms at your chest.
9. Mild back bend – lift your chest, gentle on your lower back.


Image description: Mild back bend

On the exhale breath:

10. Drop your bottom towards your heels.
11. Stretch the rest of your body down and fold forward into Child’s pose.


Image description: Child’s pose