Would You Like to Get involved in our Research Projects?

We can’t do research without YOU!

If you’d like to get involved, we are always looking for research participants for studies about menstrual health, periods and related topics. 

Everyone benefits from research. Research helps us understand how people experience different things in their lives and how things can be made better for them.

When people get involved in research, they work alongside the researchers to help shape:

  • what sort of problems are explored
  • how the research is carried out
  • and how the results are shared and applied in the real world.

Your unique knowledge and experiences are of great value to researchers. Researchers might have learnt a lot about a topic but unless they have also lived through it, there will be gaps in their understanding.

You aren’t expected to have any technical knowledge of how research works. The knowledge and experiences you have in your life is what’s unique about your contribution.

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