Yoga nidra (relaxation/meditation)

Yoga nidra practice has been shown to be helpful in preventing period-related problems,particularly psychological problems such as anxiety and depression. It’s a specific relaxation and meditative practice used in yoga, performed in Shavashana or ‘Corpse’ pose and involves several steps such as:

Rotation of consciousness;
Awareness of the breath;
Feeling and sensation;
Visualisation; and
Ending the practice with resolve.

Shavashana or ‘Corpse’ pose

  1. Lie flat on your back (bend knees if required).
  2. Spread your heels as wide as your yoga mat.
  3. Place your arms a few inches away from your body.
  4. Ensure your palms are facing upwards.

How often?

Yoga nidra needs to be practiced for 10 minutes per day, at least twice per week.
If you are feeling stressed, try the yoga nidra practice more frequently.


You CAN do these poses during your period if you like. If you feel uncomfortable doing any of the practices during your period, then stop and rest. You can resume the practices when you are outside of the days of your period. You might find that yoga nidra (link to that section of page) is a good alternative if you are feeling tired.